The UK Proxy Service for Expats

Fast. Secure. Reliable. Why settle for less?

Access local UK and International websites just as if you were in the UK, with the UK Proxy IP Address service.

As Expats ourselves, we appreciate the importance of staying in touch with what is happening in the UK. We want to watch local UK news and to keep up with our favourite TV programmes. Our service provides access to these services, just as if you were in the UK.

We use very similar web proxy technology to many large multinational corporate organisations which routinely deploy web proxies in key locations globally, to improve their network security and network performance.

UK Proxy IP Address is a subscription based service. We do not fund this service by advertising on our proxies, or selling email addresses to online marketing companies. This ensures that we can maintain the highest levels service for our subscribers and sufficient investment in our infrastructure.

Why use a UK Proxy?

Many websites routinely track which websites you visit, and where you have accessed that website from. This information is regularly used by marketing organisations for user profiling, and sales promotion.

Furthermore, some “Geo-Aware” websites actively prevent access to their content from IP addresses that are not registered to the UK. Obviously this kind of tracking can prevent access to some UK websites that our expat community would like to access.

Most internationally based organisations deploy similar web proxy technology to ours, in key locations around the globe. It is tried and trusted technology. Web proxies significantly improve corporate network security and enables employees to access these “Geo-Aware” websites.

If corporate organisations can benefit from this technology, so should our expat community.

Differences between a UK Web Proxy and a UK VPN

A VPN simply provides an encrypted tunnel between the user and a VPN server. The client is then assigned an IP address on the provider’s network, which is then used to access the Internet. This encrypted tunnel provides little or no security to users in this situation, as it is still possible to break the encryption, and also monitor user activity from the other end of the tunnel.

A proxy server provides a central point, or points, from which users access the Internet. In our case, our users connect to our UK proxy service, and we connect to the websites our users wish to access.

This is exactly the same model as the corporate organisations described above. Unlike a VPN, our UK proxy servers cache regularly accessed web pages like the news. This enables our UK proxies to provide fast access to regularly accessed websites and services.

Our UK Web Proxy Network

We operate an extensive high availability network of UK proxy servers to ensure that our customers enjoy the highest quality of service, privacy and security.

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