How to set up a Proxy Server in FireFox

Below I have given instructions on how to set up your computer so you can watch the BBC Iplayer outside of the UK, as it can be a little messy. I thought the image below explains it better than I could ever with words ;) well they do say a “picture can speak a thousand words.”

So to Set up a Proxy Server In Firefox, you need to go to Tools then click options, then advanced then network then settings at which point you should see the image below:

how to set up a uk proxy server in firefox

Image of how to configure your browser to access a UK Proxy to watch the BBC Iplayer

In regards to the ip address you can use the one above, which does work but you will need a username and password, which I am happy to let you use just just sign up to the proxy here and I will send you the login details.

The proxy works perfectly for BBC Iplayer and ITV’s version, but for 4oD, you need to go to their dedicated YouTube Channel and the same goes for Demand Five.

To watch either the BBC or ITV channels live you will need to do the set up in Internet Explorer or Chrome by Google.

Still if you get a little confused, you may find this video helpful, which shows the set up in Chrome, which in essence is very similar.

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