Web Proxy Service for Expats

Our UK Web Proxy Service provides our expatriate users with a way of accessing UK, and International web based content just as if you were in the UK in other words access geo-aware websites such as UK online shops, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and local UK news websites using our proxies service.

Fustratingly many websites, especially news based services, provide an “International view”. for users who are not accessing their content from a UK registered IP address and there fore you are often shown irrelevant news items. when all you want to know is what is happening back at home. Furthermore, many sites actively gather information about the physical location of users for marketing purposes.

Our proxy servers are based in the UK, and enhance your personal privacy by filtering out such information, especially information relating to your geographical location.

The service is simple to configure, and only takes a few seconds to be up and running.

Features at a Glance

  • Access to UK streaming and geo-restricted web sites
  • Watch BBC iPlayer and ITV Player anywhere in the world
  • Access the UK National Lottery from abroad
  • Absolutely NO advertising on our service
  • We regard our client information a confidential
  • We DO NOT subsidise this service by selling your email address
  • Improve your personal security¬† by preventing marketing organisations tracking your web browsing activity
  • Multiple proxies for fast and reliable connections
  • No contract periods or cancelation fees

How it Works

Normally, when a user makes a web browser connection it goes direct to a web site. This allows the site to determine your IP address, geographical location, in many cases down to the town you are in, and your ISP.

Image to show how a UK proxy works

Diagram showing how a UK Proxy works

Your web browser also furnishes the web site with a great deal of additional information, including which browser you are using. With the proxy, your web browser requests all web pages through our UK based proxy.This effectively conceals your geographic location and IP address, and allows access to many UK restricted web sites.

Our Web Proxy therefore provides an enhanced and secure web service providing IP address masking, to prevent your personal information from being passed to the web sites you browse.

It effectively bypasses most corporate and educational firewalls without the need for additional software. Now you can browse without restriction, anywhere where you have access to a browser. You simply need to configure the browser settings to use our proxy, login with your username and password, and off you go. Simple.

We support youtube, facebook, myspace, bebo and most other popular sites.

Enjoy unrestricted and secure browsing with our fast UK IP Address.

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